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Attack boy (17) spared custody

A YOUTH who held a Polish man down while he was repeatedly kicked and had a bottle smashed over his head during a gang attack, has been spared custody.

The boy (17) had pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to violent disorder and assault causing harm to the man who is in his thirties.

The gang attack victim had suffered stab wounds when he was set on, at Annesley Bridge Road, in Fairview, in north Dublin, on May 30, 2010.

Judge Bryan imposed a six-month probation bond on the teenager. Under the order, the boy must take a victim impact awareness programme.

Another youth and a teenage girl are to face trial in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for their roles in the attack.

Appeal to halt Tibetan deaths

A PROMINENT writer under house arrest in Beijing has pleaded with her fellow Tibetans to stop setting themselves on fire to protest over Chinese rule.

Tsering Woeser said in an online appeal that she was "grief-stricken" by the recent string of more than two dozen self-immolations and called on influential Tibetans to help stop them.

Woeser said Tibetans can challenge oppression only by staying alive.

Wine buff on fraud charges

A noted wine collector has been charged in New York with trying to sell more than $1.3m (e990,000) worth of counterfeit bottles.

Millionaire collector Rudy Kurniawan was arrested in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors say that between 2007 and 2012, Kurniawan ran a series of frauds involving rare wines that trade for thousands of dollars per bottle. They say he repeatedly got caught trying to bamboozle wealthy buyers with sophisticated fakes.

No deal over George nugget

THE top bidder for a McNugget that resembles US president George Washington has chickened out of the $8,100 (¤6,170) deal.

Rebekah Speight of Dakota City, Nebraska, said that the bidder was "very sorry" but had to back out.

Ms Speight was selling the nugget on eBay to help raise money to send children to camp this summer.