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Assaulted teen was abusive at restaurant

A TEENAGER who suffered a black eye in an assault repeatedly tried to barge into a fast food restaurant so he could find the man who he claimed had hit him.

Ronan Bailey (19, below) refused to leave the car park of McDonald's restaurant in Tallaght, even though gardai told him five or six times to "just go home", Tallaght District Court heard.

A garda witness said the "red mist" had descended on Bailey, who was verbally abusive to officers. A judge fined him €250.

Bailey, of Cushlawn Park, Tallaght, admitted in court to threatening and abusive behaviour and failing to follow the directions of a garda. The incident took place on January 16.

Garda Andrew Quinn said Bailey, an unemployed steel fixer, had a black eye, and had been assaulted, but no complaint has ever been made about the assault.

Garda Quinn said he met Bailey in the McDonald's car park around 3.30am, he was trying barge into the restaurant, was very drunk, and refused to leave the area. Defence lawyer Elizabeth Davey said Bailey was out that night with his friends and was assaulted.

She said he wanted to go into McDonald's as his friends were in the restaurant, not to find the man who had hit him.