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Arrested man has huge network of party pals, say gardai

AMONG those arrested were a female model, who later denied any involvement in the Tiger kidnapping in which a pensioner and child were terrorised and over €100,000 was stolen.

The female model spent five days being questioned at a Dublin garda station and was one of seven people questioned about the robbery.

All were later released without charge but the Lucan gangster and another man aged in his 30s were charged and remanded in custody.

Gardai strongly objected to bail but the 30-year-old won his freedom in the High Court and has continued to be heavily involved in gangland crime.

A senior source explained: "This man is not just a suspect for the Tiger kidnap that he has been charged with - he is also suspected of involvement in a number of other similar crimes.

"He is not your average gangster - he is very smart, charming, good looking and has a huge network of friends considered movers and shakers in the Dublin social scene.

"Of course, he has told all these people that the Tiger kidnapping charges against him will not stick and has even been bitching about the case against him to his pals on social networking sites.

"Since getting bail he has been under active surveillance from the Organised Crime Unit and Sunday's operation was the culmination of months of work.

"If he is charged in relation to Sunday's event gardai will make major objections against him getting bail this time and it is hoped that the judge will take this into consideration."

Apart from his mates on the social scene, the Lucan man has serious gangland connections with links to feuding gangs in Limerick and two notorious associates from Finglas who we cannot name for legal reasons.

The Finglas men are armed robbery suspects themselves and have been linked with a huge range of serious crimes.

Sources say that the Lucan man is "a keep fit fanatic" who adores his children and hated being in jail.