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Arrest order for 'roaming' teen

A BENCH warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 15-year-old boy facing robbery and trespass charges, described by a garda as being "allowed to roam as he pleases" without supervision.

The teen had been remanded in custody by the Dublin Children's Court in July but was granted conditional bail on August 18 last. He had been due to appear again yesterday but was absent when the case was called.

A judge issued a bench warrant for the teen's arrest.

Oil spill repair hits new hitch

Work to remove the 300-ton piece of equipment that failed to stop the massive BP oil spill could be delayed until the weekend or longer because of rough seas.

The process of removing the blowout preventer involves taking off the cap that stopped oil from gushing in mid-July.

Installing a new one would clear the way for the final plugging of the well with mud and cement.

Korea braced

for typhoon

Typhoon Kompasu has strengthened into a Category 3 storm after crossing Okinawa in Japan and heading toward the Korean peninsula,

The storm is forecast to skirt China's eastern coast today before crossing the coast near Seoul at about 3pm tomorrow, bringing a risk of devastating damage.