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Army man 'like a wild cat' in assault on woman garda


Eric Boylan. Photo: Collins Courts.

Eric Boylan. Photo: Collins Courts.

Eric Boylan. Photo: Collins Courts.

A signalman in the Irish Defence Forces will be sentenced in July after he violently resisted arrest by three gardai leaving one female garda with significant injuries to her wrist.

Eric Boylan (26) was dragged from a squad car by Garda Keith Lambe after he was caught vandalising the garda radio.

He then became engaged in a violent struggle during which he behaved like a "wild cat", according to his defence counsel.

Garda Martina Brant was injured when Boylan rolled on to her as she tried to pull his arm from under his body to handcuff him.

Several medical investigations ultimately concluded that she had suffered tendon damage and she has recently undergone surgery.

Garda Lambe told Lisa Dempsey, prosecuting, that Garda Brant has been in and out of a cast since the night, has been on sick leave for 16 weeks and is effectively doing an administrative job as a result.

She has also not been able to go back to working as a sky-diving instructor.

Boylan of Parkvale, Blakestown Road, Clonsilla, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting gardai in the course of their duties, criminal damage to a garda patrol car and a garda uniform and obstruction on Dame Street, on July 2, 2011. He also admitted violent behaviour in a garda station

He has previous convictions for public order and minor road traffic offences.


Boylan will be discharged from the army as soon as his case is dealt with and a member of the army was present in court to witness the hearing.

Garda Lambe agreed with Conor Devally, defending, that from the moment he had tried to arrest him, Boylan had acted like "a wild cat".

He said he was not aware that Boylan had believed that gardai were trying to arrest his friend and that was why he started damaging the car radio.

Judge Ring adjourned the case to ascertain if Boylan can raise more money than the €600 he had in court.