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Apprentice drove high-powered car without insurance


Nathan Breen begged the judge not to put him off the road

Nathan Breen begged the judge not to put him off the road

Nathan Breen begged the judge not to put him off the road

A trainee carpenter caught behind the wheel without insurance had taken a high-powered car on a test drive for his father, who was thinking of buying it, a court heard.

Nathan Breen (20) begged a judge not to put him off the road, saying he needed his driving licence for work.

Judge Dermot Dempsey convicted and fined him €300, but did not disqualify him.

The defendant, with an add-ress at Ayrfield Grove, Coolock, admitted before Swords District Court to driving without insurance.

Garda James Lynch said he stopped Breen shortly after 10pm on July 22 last year. He was driving a Volvo S40.

Gda Lynch said he demanded the defendant show his insurance at his local garda station.

Breen chose Coolock garda station, but failed to produce the documentation.

Gda Lynch said Breen had co-operated fully with gardaí and admitted on the night that he was not insured to drive the car.

The court heard the defendant had never been in trouble before.


Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said Breen was working as an apprentice carpenter.

She asked the judge not to disqualify him from driving, saying a ban would have serious consequences as he would lose his apprenticeship.

Ms D'Arcy said Breen had never been in trouble before and this incident was a once-off.

He also has not been in trouble since.

In relation to this instance of uninsured driving, Ms D'Arcy said Breen's father's car had been written off and he was looking to buy a new one.

The defendant was taking the Volvo for a test drive for his father and got caught, the solicitor added.

The court heard Breen had a driving licence and was fully insured and had been insured since January.

Judge Dempsey questioned what a 20-year-old was doing behind the wheel of an S40, and who would allow him to drive such a vehicle.

The judge said he would not disqualify Breen, but he warned him to be more careful in future.