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Angry ex kicked out at car over late arrival

A YOUNG father who kicked a car door in frustration after his ex-partner and her friend were late to meet him has agreed on a sum of compensation to pay her.

Dale Cowley (21) previously said he was willing to pay for the damage to the car, but he was shocked when he was handed an estimate for nearly €900.

The matter was before the court so a proper estimate of damage could be provided.

A revised estimate of €480 was handed into court, but defence solicitor Jonathan Dunphy said he believed the damage was between €200 and €400.

Garda Sergeant Peadar McCann said gardai would accept €300.

Judge Clare Leonard ordered Cowley to pay the compensation, and said she would strike the matter out.


The defendant, of Clarinda Park West in Dun Laoghaire, had admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to a charge of criminal damage.

The incident took place at Rosemount Way, Dundrum on March 21 last.

Garda Ronan Boyle previously told the court that Cowley kicked the left wing of a 2006 Dublin-registered vehicle, denting the car and damaging the wing mirror.

The defendant has five previous convictions, all for minor road traffic matters.

The court had heard Cowley was waiting for his ex-partner. She arrived late, in her friend's car, and there was an argument.

Cowley kicked out at the car door in frustration and dented it.

Judge Leonard gave him two weeks to pay the money.