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Angry dad arrested for disobeying gardai after gig


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A father was arrested after arguing with his son following a Kings Of Leon concert in Dublin, a court was told.

Gregory McMahon (42) refused to move on when gardai came across the pair rowing on a street after the 3Arena event.

His son co-operated but McMahon did not.

It showed that "wisdom doesn't always come with age", Dublin District Court heard.

McMahon, of Cluain Na Laoi, Kilkishen, Co Clare, admitted threatening, abusive and in- sulting behaviour.

He also admitted failing to follow the directions of a garda.

Judge Michael Walsh struck the charges out after McMahon made a €300 charity donation.

The court was told that ­McMahon was acting aggressively when gardai came across him on the quays after the concert.


He was asked to leave the area but failed to do so and was arrested and taken to Pearse Street Garda Station.

Judge Walsh asked what words the accused had used.

A garda replied that Mc- Mahon had been "very loudly" arguing with his son and would not leave the area when directed.

The son was co-operative but McMahon was not and was arrested.

"Wisdom doesn't always come with age," said McMahon's lawyer.

"He should have followed the example of his son."

McMahon, who was self-employed, had too much to drink at the concert.

He and his son returned home together after the in-cident.

McMahon had a previously unblemished record, his lawyer added, asking Judge Walsh to leave him without a criminal record.

The money was paid to the Capuchin Day Centre and the judge struck out the case.