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Airport guard loses heavy bag injury case

AN airport security guard has lost a legal action in which she alleged an unsafe system of work led to her injuring her back when she tried to move an excessively heavy carry-on bag.

Deirdre Moore's employers, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), couldn't have reasonably foreseen the injury, Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O'Neill said when he dismissed the High Court case against the authority.

Ms Moore (39, right), a married mother-of-two from Somerton, Donabate, Dublin, claimed the DAA was negligent by failing to provide her with a safe system of work and with adequate training before the incident on March 31, 2009.

The claims were denied..

Yesterday, Mr Justice O'Neill said he was satisfied she was adequately trained.

Evidence from experts on both sides had said the bag, which was up to two or three times heavier than a 10kg bag, once it was on the conveyor rollers, very little effort was required to move it, he said.