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Addict thief who went on shoplifting spree is jailed


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A shoplifter who went on a five-month theft spree in stores around Dublin has been jailed.

Paul Nolan (42) was given a 15-month sentence after he "hit" several major outlets while addicted to drugs.

The accused, from Arklow, Co Wicklow, but of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to stealing from shops including Debenhams, TK Maxx and Boots.

Dublin District Court heard that in one incident he went to Debenhams, Henry Street, last October 22 and left without paying for goods.

He absconded before being apprehended at Liffey Street.

Nolan was aggressive towards security staff, unsteady on his feet and slurring his words and became abusive to gardai. He was restrained and arrested.


On October 26, gardai saw him acting suspiciously on Moore Street, trying to remove security tags from gift sets.

He said he bought them for €40, but they had a sticker price of nearly €85 each.

A pre-sentence probation report was before the court, and defence solicitor Tracy Horan said this was "most unhelpful".

She added that there was no structure when Nolan was released from prison and it was a "revolving door".

Judge Paula Murphy said the accused was up on 16 charges that "can only be described as a spree of offending that occurred over a five-week period", and Boots, Debenhams and TK Maxx were "hit on a number of occasions".

She said Nolan had shown "minimum motivation" in dealing with the Probation Service.