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Accused said shots into home 'could have been Hutches or the Kinahans'


Accused man Robert Lawlor

Accused man Robert Lawlor

Accused man Robert Lawlor

A man accused of threatening to murder his ex-girlfriend's partner asked gardai whether they had investigated what he said were links between the alleged victim and the Hutch-Kinahan feud.

Robert Lawlor has denied threatening to kill Derek Mitchell and denied attempting to kill his mother, Fiona Mitchell, by shooting at her in the kitchen of her home.

He said Mr Mitchell had allowed Kane McCormack, who the accused said was involved in the Hutch-Kinahan feud, to hide in his garden shed before Mr McCormack was shot dead in December 2017.


The accused man also told gardai that his former partner, Rachel Kirwan, who is mother to two of his children, was a "dirty, smelly knacker".

The court has previously heard from Ms Mitchell, who said she was at her home in Priorswood, Dublin, when she heard her dog barking.

When she went to investigate, she saw two men crawling along her back garden wall and then saw the accused man with a gun in her back garden.

She said she fled as shots were fired into her kitchen.

Her dog died from what the prosecution has said was a bullet fired by the accused.

Det Gda Brendan Mears told prosecuting counsel Dara Hayes that he and Det Gda Shay McGrath interviewed Mr Lawlor at Coolock Garda Station on August 1 last year.

Det Gda Mears agreed that during the first interview, Mr Lawlor told gardai Mr Mitchell was going out with his ex-girlfriend Ms Kirwan.

The accused said: "She is my ex but I have a kid with another girl as well. They have moved on."

Mr Lawlor said he had no issues with Mr Mitchell and asked gardai if they had looked into the "fact" that Mr Mitchell was hiding Mr McCormack in his garden shed.

He said that the person who shot at the Mitchell home "could have been the Hutches or the Kinahans. You haven't looked at that angle have you?"

He described Ms Mitchell as a "f**king c**t" for naming him and said he had nothing against her until now, having heard her accuse him of shooting at her.

He said he had no involvement in the shooting and no issue with any of the Mitchell family.

The accused man said Mr Mitchell was "fighting with the Kinahans" and he, Mr Lawlor, did not want his children in the Mitchell house.

Det Gda McGrath told Mr Lawlor that two gardai had seen him two-and-a-half hours before the shooting at a bus stop near his home in Laytown, Co Meath, in an "agitated state".

Mr Lawlor replied: "Was I in a murderous state?"

Det Gda McGrath asked him why Ms Mitchell would have named him as the shooter and say she saw him with a gun in his hand in her back garden.

He said: "I don't know what's going through her head."

Mr Lawlor (35), of The Rise, Laytown, Co Meath, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Ms Mitchell at Moatview Avenue, Priorswood, Dublin, on May 26 last year. He has also pleaded not guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life at Moatview Avenue, Priorswood, on the same date.

He further denied making a threat to Ms Kirwan at Donaghmede on a date unknown between January 1 and 31 last year, to kill or cause serious harm to Ms Mitchell and her son Mr Mitchell. The trial continues.