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Accused said he'd 'batter and torture' homeless man, witness tells court


Gerard Donnelly

Gerard Donnelly


A WITNESS has told a murder trial that the accused would often say he was going to "batter and torture" the deceased, who was a homeless man with a large amount of money.

Eamon Flynn was giving evidence to the Central Criminal Court yesterday in the trial of another homeless man charged with murdering Gerard Donnelly in the Phoenix Park in 2013.

The court heard that gardai found the 36-year-old's body on fire. The father of one died of blunt force trauma. He had almost €150,000 at the time.

Ciaran Moran (29), with an address at Camden Hall, Camden Street in Dublin, has pleaded not guilty to murdering him at an unknown time during November 28 or 29, 2013.

An acquaintance of both men testified at his trial yesterday.

"When he [the accused] was drinking, he would often say he was going to batter Gerry," said Eamon Flynn. "He said that he [the deceased] had money and all, and that he was going to batter him and torture him."

Under cross examination by the defence, Mr Flynn agreed that it was no secret that the deceased had "a wad of money".

He said that Mr Donnelly was a harmless fellow. He agreed that he hadn't taken "the battering story" seriously and would have told Mr Donnelly if he had.


Under re-examination by the prosecution, he agreed that a lot of people would have known about the money, but that Mr Moran was the only person who had expressed how to get it.

Eamon Mahon testified that he got a glimpse of what was in Mr Moran's bag one day. He said he saw a blue canister, hammer and balaclava inside.

Michael Foley, of McQuillan Tools on Capel Street, said that he sold a lump hammer, cable ties, a gas blow lamp, white spirits and other items to a man on November 21 that year.

The trial continues.