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Accused said he choked girlfriend after she called him ex's name, court told


Sean Nolan is on trial for the murder of Amanda Carroll

Sean Nolan is on trial for the murder of Amanda Carroll

Sean Nolan is on trial for the murder of Amanda Carroll


A murder accused told detectives he put one hand on the neck of his partner and the other over her mouth after she called him by the name of her ex-boyfriend, said she never loved him and tried to hit him, the Central Criminal Court has heard.

"I was angry. I just wanted her to go asleep and stop," Sean Nolan told gardaí.

He insisted he never set out with an intention to kill his partner and it was accidental if he had caused her death, the jury also heard.

The 36-year-old told gardaí that he knew his girlfriend Amanda Carroll was dead when he woke up in her bed the following morning and "just panicked" before he ran out of the apartment.

The accused told them the couple had argued and he thought he had "choked her until she passed out".

Mr Nolan said he had "freaked" and spent the day walking around.

When he was then arrested on the Navan Road, after Ms Carroll's body was identified, he was placed in a patrol car.

After gardaí told him of her death, Mr Nolan said: "I probably killed her." Mr Nolan is charged with murdering Ms Carroll in her Dublin apartment two years ago.

The accused, with an address at Ashington Crescent, Navan Road in Dublin has pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter of Ms Carroll (33) at Homestead Court, Quarry Road, Cabra, Dublin 7 on October 21, 2018.

Ms Carroll died from compression of her neck and mouth which was complicated by the ingestion of sedative type drugs.

Detective Sergeant Enda O'Sullivan told prosecution counsel Shane Costelloe SC that four interviews were conducted with Mr Nolan at Mountjoy garda station on October 21 and 22, 2018.

Mr Nolan said he and Ms Carroll had started drinking about 11am on the previous day and they both had taken Zimovane and "D5s" [Olanzapine].

Mr Nolan said that the couple had an argument in Ms Carroll's bed and she began to punch and push him.

He said he had put one hand over her neck and the other over her mouth to stop her but had not done it for long.

"I wouldn't have gone asleep if I thought I'd killed her or I thought she was seriously injured," he continued.

The accused said he tried to wake his girlfriend up the next morning but her hands were locked together like rigor mortis had set in.

"If it was me that done it, it was accidental.

"I didn't set out to kill her," he told gardaí.

The accused said he had tried to kill himself but could not build up the courage to do it. He also denied using anything other than his hands in the struggle with his girlfriend.

Describing the incident to gardaí, Mr Nolan said he had put his girlfriend into bed and Ms Carroll then began to call him by the name of her ex-boyfriend.


"She was calling me a pr**k and a scumbag and saying she never loved me. She was " trying to hit me", he said.

In his opening address, Mr Costelloe said Mr Nolan's plea meant he accepted he killed Ms Carroll by putting one hand over her mouth and another around her neck.

Counsel added: "He did it in circumstances where the natural and probable consequences was to deprive her of oxygen and thereby to cause serious injury or to kill her and it is the State's case he did intend to kill or cause serious injury - and he is guilty of murder."

The trial will continue in front of Mr Justice Michael MacGrath today.