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Accused drank bottle of vodka 'to block out what I had done'


MURDER accused Stephen Carney drank a bottle of vodka the day after he killed his girlfriend "to block out what I had done".

Mr Carney (33) consumed a large amount of alcohol and “a lot” of cocaine over the course of two days before calling gardai.

Following his arrest for strangling his girlfriend Amanda Jenkins on Sunday October 7, 2007, he told gardai he could not explain why he had reacted so violently during their argument.

He said he had remained in the Anna Livia apartment block “for about two hours” after she died.

“I just sat there looking at her, crying. I kept slapping her face and saying: ‘Wake up Mandy, wake up love’.” He then showered, changed his clothes and walked half way to Kevin Street Garda Station before turning back. He then jumped into a taxi and headed to a pub where he met his father. However, he did not tell him about the violent incident that had occurred earlier in the evening. He later explained: “I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t get a chance.”

Stephen Carney (33) denies the murder of Amanda Jenkins at Anna Livia apartments on James’ Street, Dublin, in October 2007.

A packed courtroom heard Garda David Ennis giving evidence of his interview with Mr Carney hours after he had made a 999 call.


On the Saturday morning, Mr Carney had spent the day drinking with friends and had also consumed some drugs. On the Sunday morning, he woke up in his bedroom beside Amanda.

He then gathered Anadin and other tablets and swallowed them in an apparent suicide attempt. “I held her hand and told her I’d be with her shortly, but nothing happened,” he said.

In court this morning, Mr Carney’s face was unreadable as he listened to the details of his interviews with gardai.

Across the room a visibly stressed Anne Jenkins could not stop her hands from shaking as she listened to details of her daughter's final

movements on the day of her death. The court heard how Friday October 5, 2007, had begun as a normal day for the couple. Amanda had gone to her job in a Fruit & Veg shop, where she worked six days a week.

Mr Carney was also up early as he had an interview at the FAS office near Pearce Street Dart station. He later told gardai that he wanted to do a forklift course and was preparing to get some CVs printed.

Carney cried beside body

Stephen Carney, who admits he strangled his girlfriend, described today how he sat crying for two hours beside her body. At one point, he slapped her face saying: “Mandy, Mandy, wake up love. When she didn’t, that was when I knew I had killed the young one.”

Carney (33) denies the murder of Amanda Jenkins at Anna Livia apartments on James’ Street, Dublin, in October 2007.

The evidence was given in a Garda statement taken during an interview with Mr Carney after Ms Jenkins’ death. He moved her body from the living room to the bedroom, put her head on a pillow and covered her with a duvet. He sat there crying for two hours, then showered and went out for a walk. He got a taxi to a pub, where he met his father. “I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t get a chance,” he said.

Forensic scientist Dr Dorothy Ramsbottom told of finding DNA under Amanda Jenkins’ fingernails with a similar profile to that of Mr Carney. The amount present suggested close physical contact rather than social contact.

In his statement, Mr Carney said that he did not know how long he kept his fingers around Amanda’s throat. He could not explain why he reacted so violently.