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Accused admits writing Melanie murder graffiti


 Daniel McDonnell. Photo: Collins

Daniel McDonnell. Photo: Collins

Daniel McDonnell. Photo: Collins

THE teenager charged with murdering Melanie McCarthy McNamara has admitted writing graffiti on his cell wall, which the State says bragged about killing her.

Graffiti including: '2 in the head. The b***h is dead' was found on Daniel McDonnell's cell wall while he was detained at a Garda station on suspicion of her murder.

Counsel for the 19-year-old made the admission on behalf of his client on the third day of his trial.

McDonnell of Brookview Lawns in Tallaght has pleaded not guilty to murdering the 16-year-old on February 8, 2012 at nearby Brookview Way. She was shot in the head as she sat in a car with her boyfriend and his friend.


"While detained at Tallaght Garda Station, the accused admits that he wrote certain matters on his cell wall, as detailed in the statement of Garda Francis Glennon and subsequently photographed by members of An Garda Siochána," said Patrick Marrinan SC, defending.

Gda Glennon later testified that he was the jailer in the station during McDonnell's detention there in February 2012.

He said he noticed graffiti scratched on his cell wall including: 'Moran scummy nacker' (sic) and 'Moran scum', which the prosecution claims refers to Melanie's boyfriend, Christopher Moran. "They were signed, 'Dano McDonnell' and 'D McD,'" recalled Gda Glennon.

He said he also saw the line: 'I'll do 25 on the toilet while you're crying Pikey. 2 in.'

The State says that the word 'Pikey' is a derogatory word for Mr Moran, who is a settled Traveller. The garda took photographs of the graffiti and these were shown to the jury.

Garda David Pidgeon said that written below 'Moran scum' were the words: '2 in the head. Your b***h is dead ha ha.'


The jury also heard yesterday that Melanie died of significant cranial-cerebral trauma, due to a shotgun wound to her left temple. The pathologist's statement said that there was a large wound on her left temple area but no exit wound was found.

Radiological imaging found numerous shotgun pellets within her head. The skin on the left side of her face had been damaged by small glass shards.

Dr Khalid Jabbar, who carried out the post-mortem, recovered numerous lead pellets from her brain and skull and estimated the range of the shot was between four and seven feet.

He gave the cause of death as a shotgun wound to the head.

The trial has now gone into legal argument before Mr Justice Paul Carney and the jury of six men and six women will return to court on Tuesday.