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Abusive punter jailed after urinating outside bookie's

A SERIAL public order offender has been jailed for two months for hurling abuse at gardai who caught him urinating in a city centre street outside a bookmaker's.

David Greene (43) told officers he had "gone out of the way of women and children", then swore at them at them in the incident in Temple Bar.

He had denied charges arising from the incident – but Judge Victor Blake jailed him and fined him €170.

Greene, of Old Cabra Road, Dublin 7, pleaded not guilty to urinating in public and causing a breach of the peace at Fleet Street on April 5.

The prosecuting garda told Dublin District Court he went to Paddy Power bookmaker's at 6.40pm following a report of an altercation on the premises.

When he arrived he saw Greene outside on the corner urinating at the side of the building. The garda asked him to stop but he did not.

When asked for his name, Greene said: "It all gets washed away anyway."


Asked again, Greene told the garda to "f*** off", then did give his details, but added: "I went out of the way of women and children". There was an open beer can beside him.

He became aggressive and verbally abusive, shouting "f*** off" repeatedly in the vicinity of women and young children, and was arrested. Greene said in evidence he had had four to five pints on the day but was not drunk.

He was betting on horses when he went outside to have a cigarette.

He said the garda approached, asked "casually" what he was doing there, then pointed at a wet pavement and asked if he was urinating on the street. Greene said he told the garda it was nothing to do with him but was arrested.

The court heard he had 39 previous convictions, including 11 for public drunkenness, 11 for breach of the peace and eight for failing to obey gardai.