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Abuse by dad ruined my life, says daughter

A WOMAN who was sexually abused and raped by her father for over 12 years has spoken of how the harrowing experience has "destroyed" her future.

Lorraine Mulvey (41) suffered horrendous sexual abuse at the hands of her army sergeant father Ray Mulvey (66) -- who was yesterday jailed for six years.

The brave woman has waived her right to anonymity to condemn the man who she says crushed her "self-esteem and self-worth" and lodged a "wedge" between her family.

Ms Mulvey, who lives in Co Kildare, courageously spoke out in a bid to rebuild her life.

She revealed: "The sexual abuse began when I was six, around the time my sister was born. My father took me away in the car, where he made me touch him. I'll always remember that first time.

"My memories are as vivid as yesterday. Shortly after the touching stopped, my father began having full sexual intercourse with me. He continued raping me until I was 17."

And she said that the actions of her father meant she was left with only "dreams" of what her life could have been like.

"Because of the actions of my father I was left with nothing but my dreams of what my life should have been," she said.

"I hope my speaking out will help others to act much sooner than I was able to do so."


Ray Mulvey, of Ferney Grove, Mahon, Co Cork , pleaded guilty to seven charges of sexual assault between August 1975 and August 1988 in both Co Kildare and Co Cork.

And he admitted to raping his daughter on a date between August 1987 and August 1988 in the family home in Co Cork.

It emerged that after Ms Mulvey told her mother about the abuse in 1997, she confronted her husband who admitted it.

He later told gardai that he carried out the abuse because something had gone wrong in his head and that he was unable to control himself.

The 41-year-old woman told how she believes the abuse has destroyed her future prospects.

Speaking outside the Central Criminal Court, she revealed: "I've tried to break it down as briefly as I could, into how the effects of the abuse have destroyed me and my life, emotionally and physically, in my relationships with my mother and siblings; sociably, with friends and boyfriends; how it destroyed my future prospects, my education, my self-esteem, and self-worth.

"I hope, having heard it, you may get a glimpse of what my childhood was like.

"For years I have worn a mask to escape from the reality of my life. I'll never wear that mask again after today."

Mr Justice Paul Carney sentenced Mulvey to 12 years imprisonment, but suspended the final six years.