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€150k for woman allegedly raped by brother


Antoinette McLoughlin and her husband Michael at the court

Antoinette McLoughlin and her husband Michael at the court

Antoinette McLoughlin and her husband Michael at the court

A woman who sued alleging she was raped and sexually abused by one of her brothers over years in their family home when she was a child has been awarded €150,000 damages by the High Court.

Antoinette McLoughlin (46), of Lusk, Co Dublin, sued her brother Patrick Garvey (52), Silverglen, Gormanstown Road, Stamullen, Co Meath, over the alleged assaults on her on dates from 1976 to 1980.

He denied the claims.

In her action, Ms McLoughlin claimed the abuse began when she was aged eight, and her brother was aged about 12 or 13, and it continued four years.

She claimed it happened in the girls' bedroom of the family home in Balbriggan, a home she shared with her parents, five sisters and two brothers.

She told her father, Peter Garvey, about the abuse at the time but he did not believe her and slapped her face, she said.

This made her feel like an "outcast" in her family, her counsel said.


Mr Garvey denied all the claims and was supported throughout case by his wife, four sisters and his brother. His sisters Mary, Assumpta, Linda and Margaret all gave evidence for him.

Another sister, Susan, who died in 2007, had accompanied Antoinette to a garda station when she made a formal complaint in March 2006.

A consultant psychiatrist told the court he had diagnosed Ms McLoughlin as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of sexual abuse.

Ms McLoughlin alleged the assaults began when she was aged eight and after she made her First Communion.

She claimed her brother was in a position of control over her.

It was also claimed he raped her and emotionally taunted and tormented her.

An incident during a party at the family home in October 2004, when she met her father on the landing, triggered a flashback and it was only then she felt able to tell her family of the abuse, she said.

She was dissatisfied with what was described as a "poor apology" from her brother the day after the party.