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€12,500 for boy who cut his knee on water meter


Tracy Wallace

Tracy Wallace

Tracy Wallace

An 11-year-old boy who cut his knee after tripping on a "vandalised" Irish Water meter has received €12,500 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Finn Wallace was playing outside his aunt's home in Co Wexford in November 2014 when his foot got caught in the uncovered and broken water meter, causing him to fall.


His barrister said Finn, of Kilbarrack, lacerated the top of his knee in the fall, causing a wound that took several months to heal and left a scar.

Through his mother, Tracy, he sued Irish Water for negligence. Irish Water claimed the meter was installed properly but had been vandalised.

A €12,500 settlement was offered by Irish Water. Finn's barrister recommended acceptance, as liability could be an issue in a full hearing.