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Courts see rise in accused sex workers

BROTHEL-keeping cases are now regularly before Dublin courts -- a trend that has only occurred in recent years.

Courts in the capital have heard evidence of garda raids on these brothels which can be found operating from inner city apartments to homes in otherwise respectable city suburbs.

Most of those accused of running these brothels have been foreign nationals, with some premises found to be masquerading as Chinese massage parlours.

The evidence has been that the clientele often appears to be a more even mixture of Irish and foreign nationals.

It is a lucrative business as one case of a Chinese madam in Ireland on a student visa demonstrated.


In 2010, Chinese national Jun Kiu Hua (46) was convicted of running a brothel following a raid on her Thomas Street premises in April 2009. She has since been deported.

She was described in court as a woman of "very considerable wealth" who had amassed more than €1m in four years. The court was told she had been in Ireland on a student visa.

At the time, gardai said the brothel was one of three raided, with large amounts of money seized and the CAB becoming involved.

A total of €231,000 was seized, with €660,000 sent back to China.

In summer last year, another woman was arrested as part of a major garda investigation into human trafficking and prostitution in Ireland.

The charges against the 35-year-old foreign national included an allegation that she trafficked a woman into Ireland.

She had already appeared before Dublin District Court charged with running a brothel in the west of the country in 2007.