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BUSINESSMAN Ken Drumm, a brother of former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm, is personally liable for a €58,000 debt arising out of a vehicle leasing agreement.

Entering judgment for €58,000 against Mr Drumm yesterday, the High Court's Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne was however also critical of a bank's "extremely careless" preparation of paperwork for the lease agreement.

Mr Drumm had disputed he was personally liable under the agreement with Lombard Ireland Ltd and argued the lease was made with a company, Shrewsbury Developments Ltd, with which he was involved.

Ms Justice Dunne rejected his arguments in her judgment yesterday. Having considered the evidence, the judge found a bank official had told Mr Drumm the proposal from Shrewsbury was rejected. She was also satisfied there was a proposal from Mr Drumm personally which was accepted by the bank and the lease agreement was with Mr Drumm by September 2008 at the latest.