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Courier who survived two attempted hits and became senior lieutenant in Kinahan gang


The car Hutch was in when it was shot in 2008 along with Freddie Thompson

The car Hutch was in when it was shot in 2008 along with Freddie Thompson

The car Hutch was in when it was shot in 2008 along with Freddie Thompson

Convicted criminal Gary Hutch, who was gunned down in a hail of bullets in Spain, was a senior lieutenant in the Christy Kinahan crime syndicate.

Originally from Dublin’s north-inner city, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew came to the attention of gardai from an early age, with one source stating “he was always destined to be a major criminal”.

Hutch was working as a courier at the age of 20 when he was jailed for six years for his part in a jewellery heist, during which an innocent couple had a shotgun pointed at them.

He forged powerful allies during his incarceration, and aligned himself with members of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s gang.

In 2007, he was acquitted of shooting an acquaintance during a bizarre court case. During the trial, the injured party told the court he wrongly identified Hutch as the gunman because he wanted to get back at him after hearing rumours that he was having an affair with his partner.

Hutch eventually joined his exiled pals on Spain’s Costa del Sol in 2008, along with notorious hitman Paddy Doyle, who was suspected of being the triggerman in numerous murders during the Crumlin/Drimnagh feud.


Described as a “cocky” criminal who attempted to “throw his weight around”, Hutch survived two previous attempts on his life.

The first assassination bid came in February 2008 when a 4X4 he was driving came under fire from members of a foreign crime syndicate.

Paddy Doyle (27) was shot dead as he tried to flee the attack – but Hutch and Freddie Thompson, who was in the back of the vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

Doyle and Hutch were described as “best pals”, having grown up together in Dublin’s north-inner city.

Hutch was one of those detained as part the investigation into the February 2009 €7m Bank of Ireland College Green robbery

He was arrested by detectives as he returned on one of his many trips back to Dublin’s north-inner city.

He was also one of 23 people arrested in a major crackdown on the €500m crime syndicate in 2010, in an operation codenamed Shovel.


Those detained included Christy Kinahan and his closest associates as police officers began to track down a trail of assets across four continents that was estimated to be worth between €100m and €200m. The second serious attempt on Hutch’s life came in August of last year when a hitman targeted him at a villa owned by Daniel Kinahan, the son of crime boss Christy.

However, instead of shooting Hutch, the bungling gunman mistakenly shot innocent boxing coach Jamie Moore. He was shot at five times and hit twice – in the leg and the foot – but survived the attack.

Hutch spent the majority of his time on the Costa del Sol but would also make regular trips back to Dublin, as well as to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Gary Hutch again came to the attention of the public when graffiti insinuating that he was a garda informant was daubed on the side of a church in Dublin. The slogans ‘Gary Hutch U Rat’ and ‘U Set (named person) Up’ were painted in red on the front of the church.

The sick slurs were seen as a message to mourners attending the funeral of the wife of crime boss Christy Kinahan.

However, despite his various connections with some of Ireland’s most infamous criminal’s, Hutch made several enemies which ultimately led to his killing outside a Spanish apartment complex.