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Couple who sold crack cocaine in city playground


Richard Gabett and Sylvia Delaney outside court

Richard Gabett and Sylvia Delaney outside court

Richard Gabett and Sylvia Delaney outside court

A COUPLE have admitted dealing crack cocaine in a children's playground in Dublin.

Sylvia Delaney (39) and Richard Gabett (38) were arrested after they sold crack to plainclothes officers.

A court heard the children's playground in the west of the city is next to a football pitch frequented by young people.

Gabett, a drugs counsellor, and Delaney, a special needs assistant, both had sentencing in their cases adjourned, but a judge has indicated they will not be given jail terms.

Dublin District Court heard the pair sold drugs on one occasion and Delaney did the same alone on another.



Delaney, a mother-of-one from Ballyfermot Crescent, and Gabett, a father-of-two, of O'Hogan Road, also in Ballyfermot, both pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to sell or supply at The Playground, Kylemore Road, on July 30, 2012.

Delaney committed a similar offence at the same location on July 5.

Garda Adrian Eustace told the court officers from the Garda National Drug Unit and Ballyfermot Station carried out the investigation.

Questioned by Judge Michael Walsh, Garda Eustace said the playground was next to a football pitch and housing estate.

The amount sold was worth €100, the court was told.

Defence solicitor Caroline Egan stressed that the sale had been to undercover gardai and insisted that when the incidents happened there were "absolutely no juveniles there".

Delaney had no previous convictions of any kind, while Gabett had 29, including two for drug dealing. Gabett's offending began when he started using drugs at 13, Ms Egan said.

He spent 14 years in juvenile centres and after a time in custody, became a drug counsellor, travelling to Germany and Australia.

On returning to Ireland, he set up a business washing trucks in the midlands, but a relationship broke up and in 2008 he relapsed. Judge Walsh adjourned the case against him for a report to establish if he is suitable for 220 hours' community service instead of a six-month jail term.

Delaney was a single mother and had worked as a receptionist, as well as being trained as a special needs assistant.



She had a good work history until she developed a lung problem three years ago, Ms Egan said.

She had had financial difficulties and, when Gabett was on remand for a period of time, she had no money.

There were a "number of things going on in her life" at the time of the incidents.

Judge Walsh ordered a probation report in her case and adjourned it to the same date – September 4.