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Couple used in 'No' campaign said to be 'appalled' by posters


The 'No' poster in question

The 'No' poster in question

The 'No' poster in question

A family are said to be "appalled" that their image is being used on a poster urging people to vote 'No' in the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

In a Facebook post, comedian Adam Hills said his wife, opera singer Ali McGregor, is friends with the couple in the picture and that they are, in fact, in favour of same-sex marriage.

In the post, which has since gone viral, Hills claims that the couple "are appalled that their faces are being used to promote something they wholeheartedly disagree with".

He acknowledged that stock images can be used for any purpose but added that his friends "didn't sell" the images.

"It was a photo shoot with a friend, who asked if he could use them as stock photos," he said.

"If any of my Irish friends see these posters, just know this - the beautiful family on that poster is all for marriage equality."

The Mothers and Fathers Matter organisation, who own the posters, said they would be happy to explain to the couple how their photo helps the 'No' campaign.

"Mothers And Fathers Matter has used a stock photo to give a human face to our message, in this case that children deserve a mother and father," a spokesperson said.

"Our posters all demonstrate the core issues in the Marriage Referendum debate rather than the rather simplistic messaging being used by the various 'Yes' posters.

"We don't respond to third parties suggesting that they speak for the family...but if the couple involved care to contact us directly, we will be pleased to demonstrate how our use of this photo will help ensure that no child will be deliberately denied of the love of a mother or father."

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