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'Couple should get life for torturing Sophie', says ex-Boyzone star


Former Boyzone member Mark Walton

Former Boyzone member Mark Walton

Former Boyzone member Mark Walton

Former Boyzone member Mark Walton has called for life sentences for his ex-girlfriend and her partner for torturing her French nanny to death over their bizarre obsession with him.

Sabrina Kouider, his ex-girlfriend, and her partner Ouissem Medouni imprisoned, tortured and killed Sophie Lionnet at their London home in September 2017 after convincing themselves she was spying on them with the Boyzone founder.


The Dubliner spoke to Good Morning Britain yesterday in his first TV interview since the shocking murder of nanny Ms Lionnet in London over her killers' warped delusions that she was in league with the former popstar.

He urged for the pair, who were found guilty of murder last week, to be given life sentences for their crimes.

"People who can do something like that… this was done over time. There was planning that went into this. In my opinion they should never get out. I support Sophie's parents.

"They are in my prayers every night. What they have gone through is so much worse than what I've been through."

He said he was genuinely shocked by horrific details of the case.

"The reality was that I had never, ever met Sophie... Never sent a text message or anything via social media," he said.

"I opened my whole world to the police because I knew it never happened. I was accused of flying over the house in a helicopter with my friends, it was just crazy."


The Dubliner, who was one of the founding members of Boyzone, said he can't help feeling somehow responsible for what happened.

"There's a certain responsibility you feel when your name was the reason someone got tortured and was put through something so horrific," he said.

"But people who know me and love me say, 'Look you can't blame yourself. They were two psychopaths'. Unfortunately for me it was my name brought into this."

Walton described how his life had been plunged into a nightmare by his former girlfriend Kouider.

He said he first became aware of the case when he was contacted by police in the days after the young French girl's death.

"It was the 21st of September I was contacted by the police. It was about a missing person. I was very confused. It was just a shock," he said.

"I went to bed on the 20th as happy as ever and I woke up on the 21st with the biggest nightmare ever."

The Irish music mogul told how he had a two-year relationship with his former girlfriend after first meeting her in Notting Hill in 2011 at a NatWest Bank.

"It was like a normal relationship in the beginning. We were both in love.

"I did see mood swings that used to give me a bit of a scare but nothing to the level of what I've heard recently over the last six months since this trial started," he said.

"I think when it comes to somebody being a psychopath, she had elements. She would turn from somebody very softly spoken to someone very angry.

"It wouldn't matter where we were," he added.