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Couple scoop €10m jackpot three weeks after first date

WHEN Carol Loran agreed to go on a date with Kevin Geoghegan three weeks ago, he thought good luck had finally come his way.

But he had no idea how "good" that luck would become.

Some 21 days after the couple first stepped out together, they emerged as Ireland's newest Lotto millionaires.

Carol (39) and Kevin (46), both from Mullingar, Co Westmeath, split a €4 Lotto ticket on Tuesday – little realising it would net them a €10.5m windfall.

Celebrating the win yesterday, Carol admitted it was her new boyfriend's idea to play.

"It was indeed [his idea] but I bought it," she laughed.

"She bought it, €4, but I gave her €2 for it, it was my idea," he said.

Kevin admitted his luck had changed for the better when Carol agreed to go out with him for a date.

"I knew her from the bookies and I rang her up and she finally agreed to meet me," he said. Mum-of-five Carol said she has no immediate plans for the money, but joked that her five boys, Anthony (24), Ian (22), Jamie (19) Christopher (16) and Ethan (8) would "love Mammy now".

"It's going to be amazing, especially for my children, the three most important people in my life," said Kevin, who is father to Fergal (14), Aoife (11) and eight-year-old Ciaran.


One of the first treats for the Liverpool fan will definitely be a few more trips to Anfield.

"I might buy a player or two for them as well," he joked.

He also plans to buy his own home in the town before planning a holiday.

As news of their win sank in, Carol and Kevin revealed that their families would come first – and with eight children between them, they are bracing themselves for a long wish-list.