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Couple in 80s tied up and robbed in their home


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

A FRAIL elderly couple were tied up and terrorised in their home by a gang of burglars who left them locked in a bedroom.

The couple, aged in their 80s, were disturbed at their house in Briarwood, off Vevay Road in Bray, Co Wicklow, on Monday night at 8pm.

The gang of three forced their way into the house and ransacked it as the terrified couple were forced into a room at the back and tied up.

They did not get any money, but they did flee with a small quantity of jewellery.

After the raiders left, the couple managed to free themselves and broke a window in the room in which they had been locked up.


"I heard loud banging and the sound of glass being broken, and I didn't know what was happening so I tried to ring the couple," one neighbour told the Herald.

"In fairness, the gardai were here in the space of a few minutes and then I saw an ambulance outside.

"It is very frightening for them and I hope they will be okay."

It is understood the elderly man had recently undergone a hip replacement operation.

Neighbours said there has been a spate of burglaries in the Briarwood estate in recent months and the elderly residents are concerned for their safety.

Bray gardai are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.