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Couple forced to put wedding party on ice

A newly married couple missed their own wedding reception when they were stuck in traffic for five hours due to icy conditions.

Susan and Paul Farrelly tied the knot on Wednesday afternoon, during the heavy snow which caused chaos in Dublin, and the Castleknock couple were left stranded in their car while on their way to the hotel.

"We were glad to get the important part of the day done and had then hoped to bring our 30 guests out to the Anglers Rest in Castleknock for a meal," Susan said.

"As we were driving out at around three o'clock the snow was coming down hard, and the traffic just got slower and slower.

"Then the Anglers Rest rang us, and I thought it was to ask if we were still coming, but it turned out they were telling us they had to close because the roads were so bad and the cars were all sliding around."

However, Susan's sister Laura came to the rescue and rang the Castleknock Hotel, which quickly organised a table.

But the number of guests was dropping by the minute as people were forced to change direction and head home because of the worsening weather.

"Paul had ripped his trousers getting into the car earlier, and I thought that was all the bad luck we would have, but this was incredible," Susan said.

Susan and Paul saw their guest numbers dwindle from 30 to eleven by the time they reached the Castleknock Hotel at 8pm.

"When I got into the hotel and saw the welcome they had for us I just burst into tears. They didn't know if I was crying for joy or from the day I had just been through, but they were brilliant," Susan explained.

Finally Susan, Paul, their children Dara (12), Gary (9) and Romey (7), as well as other close family and friends, got to sit down for dinner.

Romey has appeared singing on the RTE series The All Ireland Talent Show andhas gone through to Sunday as the wildcard nomination.