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Couple fixing their wedding date after Romeo and Juliet proposal

The pair of "star-cross'd lovers" who were engaged at a production of Romeo and Juliet are already considering a date for their wedding.

Roisin McDonagh (27) was overwhelmed by her fiance's romantic "balcony scene" gesture at the romantic opera at the Gaiety, but said that she was stunned at the time.

Allan Clarke (32) from Kildare town had planned a full evening ahead of the proposal and as it turned out, his timing couldn't have been better. Roisin, originally from Dunmore East in Waterford, said they hit the headlines before they had a chance to tell their families.

"I told nobody that night, I didn't want the whole night to be taken up with phone calls," she said. "I just had time to tell my dad the next morning and hope that he'd be able to break some of the news."

Roisin had no idea that Allan had set up the whole scenario and had been scheming for a few weeks, using a ruse that he was congratulating her on her new job.

"It's been a whirlwind. I'm totally shocked," she said. "When we went up to the opera, we were sitting there looking up at the subtitles.

"And at the ad break, I saw the message come up on screen. I was thinking that it was so sweet that he made this effort to congratulate me about my new job," she added. "I didn't click but then the message came up on the screen. The whole day was amazing."

The couple met as extras on the set of The Tudors and the date was 07/08/09. Now they are thinking of getting hitched on 10/11/12.