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Couple find lost €1,000 tickets

A couple helped save an Irish rugby fan from a nightmare Six Nations weekend after he lost an envelope containing €1,000 worth of tickets for the Ireland-Italy clash.

Brian McMahon had hardly slept since an envelope with 16 tickets for the Croke Park match disappeared from his coat pocket while he was in Cork city on Wednesday night.

Paul and Callie O'Donoghue discovered the envelope lying on the footpath and immediately alerted gardai.

The 16 tickets -- most of which have a face value of €75 -- were in a sealed envelope which had an individual's name scribbled across it.

Skier pulled out after 17 hours

A skier was buried beneath an avalanche for 17 hours in the Evolene region of the Swiss Alps before being pulled from the snow with only mild hypothermia.

The 21-year-old man appeared to have survived because he was trapped next to a pocket of air that allowed him to breathe even though he was unable to free himself from the crushing weight of the snow.

Hackers shut down by police

Police in central China have shut down a hacker-training operation that openly recruited thousands of members online and provided them with cyber attack lessons and malicious software.

The crackdown comes amid growing concern that China is a centre for a global explosion of internet crimes -- Google said last month its email accounts were hacked from China.