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Couple collide head-on in car crash mystery

A WOMAN had to be cut from the wreckage of her car after a crash involving another vehicle driven by her boyfriend.

Gardai in Co Clare are investigating how the cars driven by the couple were involved in the head-on collision in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Emergency crews were called to a crash on the R474, close to Kilmaley, about 12 kilometres from Ennis at around 4.15am on Saturday.

A 23-year-old woman had to be cut from the wreckage of the first car and was rushed to the Mid Western Regional Hospital in Limerick with non life-threatening injuries.

It is understood that she is being treated for neck, back and facial injuries.

Her boyfriend was found wandering around the road close to the scene of the accident.

At first, gardai thought that he had been a passenger in the woman's car and had managed to escape from the vehicle.

Officers assumed that the occupants of the second vehicle had absconded and were set to launch a search for the missing driver.


However, it quickly emerged that the boyfriend was driving the second vehicle.

He was also hospitalised with less serious injuries.

One emergency worker said: "This was a very strange one. We thought the man and woman were in the same car and that driver of the other car had run off.

"It looked to us like they were boyfriend and girlfriend but we didn't realise at the time they were both driving the cars."

A source added: "The two cars were extensively damaged but the man was able to escape from his."

It is not yet clear why the couple were travelling on the road in two separate cars at the time.

Gardai from Ennis are investigating all the circumstances of the collision.

The road remained closed for more than two hours while both cars were removed for a technical examination.