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Country star faints on stage

Country singer Randy Travis passed out on stage at a gig for a medical charity -- and was treated by doctors in the audience.

The 52-year-old fainted in a middle of a song at the Crystal Heart Gala, an annual benefit for the Huguley Memorial Medical Centre in Fort Worth, Texas.

Doctors Jeff Beeson and Steve Davis rushed to Travis's aid. They said he was struggling with laryngitis due to chronic allergies and was overcome by dehydration, the heat of the stage lights and medicines he had taken.

Gas pipeline hit by gunmen

Gunmen have attacked Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel in northern Sinai, security officials said.

It is the sixth attack on the pipeline since the popular uprising which ousted long-time Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in February.

Assailants in two pick-up trucks struck a pumping station on the pipeline about 25km west of the region's main city of el-Arish before dawn today, causing a loud explosion and fire.

One person was hurt in the attack.