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Country gent or city slicker? Gay's got it covered

HE'S the true blue tractor boy who'll do just about anything to pull in a few extra votes.

But even by the cynical standards of Irish politics, Gay Mitchell's barmy election poster stunt looks like a step too far, as he bids to become a fair weather culchie, whenever the mood takes him.

In an extraordinary series of election images, Mitchell assumes the man-for-all-seasons role, turning chameleon-like, depending on the background and habitat.

In the more rural parts of the country, Fine Gael officials have posted images of their struggling candidate assuming the role of the redneck country gent, complete with anorak, tractor and ruddy-cheeked farmer in the background.

But as you get to the suburbs and urban centres, Mitchell magically changes into a smart-suited man about town, complete with starch-pressed collars, trendy tie and wide boy smile.