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'Country drivers a lot worse' - city motorists come to Dubs' defence


Taylor Brown (21)

Taylor Brown (21)

Cork native Aileen Stapleton

Cork native Aileen Stapleton

Joseph O'Connor (20)

Joseph O'Connor (20)


Taylor Brown (21)

While Dublin drivers may not be the best in the country, city residents believe the reason for that is the difficulties that motorists face.

A recent poll carried out by AA Ireland found that nearly half of those surveyed said that Dublin drivers had the worst habits in the country.

Drivers admitted to the Herald that the capital does have its fair share of aggressive and poor motorists, but insisted that this is largely down to the stress of navigating Dublin's streets.

DIT lecturer Alex Gibson (52) said that the combination of Luas works, traffic jams and roadworks means Dubs have it the hardest on the roads.

"I think Dublin has the most difficult conditions. You need to be a member of Mensa to navigate this city. There is more stress and unpredictability which creates a sense of friction," he said.


Sales rep Joseph O'Connor (20), from Drimnagh, said it was tough to get around the city centre behind the wheel.

"In the centre you always see the odd person going the wrong way up a one-way street," he said. "Or you can drive up a road and it will be different next week," he said of Marlborough Street where the new Luas line is being built.

Polish woman Joanna Mialkowska (37), who lives in Dublin city centre, said drivers in the capital were almost as bad as those she has encountered in Morocco and Italy.

"They don't indicate, they speed up very quickly, can be very aggressive, not keep space between cars and can be a bit reckless," she said.

But Taylor Brown (21), an administrator originally from Baltinglass, Co Wicklow, who lives in the heart of the city at the IFSC, said she believes that Dublin drivers are a lot better than their rural counterparts.

"I think country drivers are a lot worse because everyone is always in such a rush to get where they want to go that it can be a bit hectic," she said.

However, she added that Dublin drivers can be oblivious to others.

"I was cycling to work this morning and a truck completely cut across me, so it is quite dangerous," she said.

But Cork native Aileen Stapleton said Dublin drivers are the cream of the crop, compared to drivers from her home county.

"I come from Fermoy and I've seen what they're like there and they're much better up here in Dublin," she said. "They're more easy-going down there but here, you're so used to people driving right up beside you that you're more alert. They're too laid back in Cork."