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Council's new parking 'calamity' will kill our trade, say shopowners

FURIOUS shop owners are complaining about what they've branded a "monstrosity" built by a local authority in front of their businesses.

South Dublin County Council constructed a large concrete island that replaced 11 parking spaces outside shops on the Manor Road, Palmerstown, Co Dublin.

Shop owners said that the loss of space is detrimental to business in the area.


In addition to the island, the council provided eight alternative parallel parking spaces, but these have proven difficult for customers to park in.

Stephen Byrne, owner of Newstime newsagents, claimed that the works were "a total calamity".

Darren O'Brien owns the Mace shop at the small shopping strip.

"I'm a convenience store and it's important that people can just get in and out easily.

"I just can't see the point of it, it's going to be terrible for me," he said.

Local butcher Owen Kelly said that the works on the parking spaces had reduced his business "by 15pc".

Elaine Dowdell, owner of Elaine's Hair Salon, said the council never informed her of the island's construction right outside her business.

"I can understand them trying to upgrade the area - it does need upgrading - but I think the shopkeepers should have been informed of this monstrosity," she said.


South Dublin County Council insisted that works were an "improvement" for the area.

A spokesperson said that the overall number of parking spaces would remain "largely unchanged", and that shop owners would be consulted on the placement of disabled spaces.

She said locals "will see an improvement in the public space, with new pedestrian islands and planting".

The council could not last night confirm the cost of the works.