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Councillors urge review of new bin charges


Cllr Mark Ward

Cllr Mark Ward

Cllr Mark Ward

A Dublin local authority has called on the Government to review the planned introduction of pay-by-weight bin charges because of fee increases brought in by waste companies.

South Dublin County Council passed a motion calling for the review after the Government suspended the introduction of the scheme until next year amid concern that some companies were hiking their fees.

Cllr Mark Ward (SF) put forward the motion at the council's monthly meeting.

He called on the Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources to review the pay-by-weight charges "in light of the increased charges being forced onto customers."


He said waste management companies were in the business of making money and it beggared belief that any of them would be going along with a system that would result in 87pc of households paying less, as the Government had said.

Cllr Ward said the waste management companies seemed to have increased their prices "in unison".

"The real problem is the lack of regulation of the waste sector - it's completely fragmented," Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said.

"It's an open market - how can you regulate an open market?" said Cllr Cathal King (SF). "The only way we can sort it out is by bringing it back into council ownership."