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Councillors told to hand back laptops and robes

city councillors who fail to be re-elected stand to lose more than their seat.

Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn told the councillors attending their monthly meeting last Monday night: “I have been asked to remind members that councillors should return their robes and IT equipment before May 30.

“Good luck to everyone who is running for re-election. Thank you for the service of all councillors who have decided not to stand again.”

Mr Quinn said that the next meeting of the new council will be Friday, June 6.

A total of 63 people will take their seats on the council next month.

Dublin City Council was not in a 
position last night to provide information on exactly what IT equipment must be returned by outgoing councillors by the end of the month.

However, one informed source said it is likely to include any laptops and mobile phones that may have been provided to members.

Incoming councillors are issued with ceremonial robes by the city council.