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Councillors should foot printing costs

the taxpayer shouldn't be expected to pay for councillors 'excessive' printing costs.

At least three councillors have now been embroiled in the latest inkgate controversy - this time at City Hall.

Between them, the councillors clocked up bills of €6,000 while printing over 150,000 leaflets.

Although local politicians need access to computers and printers for local issues, the headquarters of our council should not be used as a private printing press.

This is particularly the case when it prevents other councillors from accessing the machines.

Two of the councillors in question - Tina MacVeigh and John Lyons - are People Before Profit Alliance member and regular participants in anti-water charge protests.

It's believed the printed leaflets encouraged people to boycott water charges.

The taxpayer can ill-afford to be funding printing costs of campaigns by councillors let alone support this abuse of public funds.