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Councillor's shock at Ming's angry response over Euros

A COUNCILLOR has expressed her disgust after Independent TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan made personal references to her jewellery in a series of emails.

Wicklow representative Pat Kavanagh said she was "shocked" and "insulted" after the Roscommon deputy slated her over one of her queries.

Mr Flanagan was responding to a query by the Fis Nua councillor who asked all TDs and senators whether they would be attending the Euro 2012 championships.

In a series of emails, the outspoken TD wrote: "Anyways I am now off to run 10k for charity. Is that alright with you or must one check in with you before on [sic] breathes?"

The Roscommon politician made references to the councillor's jewellery and asked her what she had eaten for breakfast. He wrote: "Why are you asking? Are you looking to meet up? So anyways what did you have for breakfast? How much have you spent on holidays in your whole lifetime? When you shop do you only buy own brand? If not, where are you getting the money from?"

He added: "I notice on your website that you are wearing a chain that looks 'gold'. I am jealous I don't have any gold. Is it real and if so where did you get the cash for it?"

Responding to a query by the Herald, Mr Flanagan confirmed he wrote the emails, adding that he believed Ms Kavanagh was intruding on his private business. "When Pat Kavanagh writes and looks for personal information she dresses it up as being in the public interest.

"When I ask her for personal information it is apparently some sort of an attack. I am glad she gets the point. Looking for personal information is an attack. What I do in my spare time is my own business."