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Councillors face vote to publicly voice opinion on speed limit cut

City councillors will be forced to publicly declare their stance on the 30kph speed limits within a month.

An emergency motion aimed at suspending business at the March meeting of the city council will "smoke out" the silent supporters of the controversial system, it was claimed.

The motion seeks to have all other council business put aside until a full debate into the new laws takes place -- along with a vote on whether they should be scrapped.

Fine Gael councillor Bill Tormey, who has tabled the suspension proposal, has also launched a blistering attack on those behind the 30kph limit.

He says that the "bicycle brigade are a tiny minority who are trying to stop the rest of us around the city".

The councillor also hit out at the scheme's main advocate, Labour councillor Andrew Montague, saying: "It's time the boot is put into Mr Montague and his eccentric ideas."

His emergency motion, which will be raised at the start of the council's next full meeting on March 1, calls for a suspension of standard procedures "to allow a roll-call vote to reverse and abandon the January 31 imposition of a 30kph speed limit in part of the core city centre".


It adds that this would be "in the interests of common sense and in response to the clear will of the people of the city and country as reflected in the overwhelming media reaction in print and on the airwaves and the road safety comments of the AA."

He told the Herald: "I totally disagree with this nonsense and we need to bring an end to it.

"It's totally outrageous. All the commentators I've read except the bicycle brigade are against this.

"There has been a truck load of stuff in the media, on the airwaves, in the Herald and everywhere else. It does nothing for safety or the environment."

However, Labour councillor Andrew Montague, who is chair of the council's transport and traffic committee, has defended the limits, saying they will save lives.

"We're talking about the part of the country that has the highest concentration of pedestrians in the entire country," he said.

Mr Montague added that the zone in question has one of the highest accident rates.

"Two to three people are killed every year in this area. We have dozens of injuries," he said.