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Councillors believe naming street after Hume not enough


Former politician John Hume

Former politician John Hume

Former politician John Hume

A motion to rename a street in the capital in honour of John Hume will go before Dublin City Council despite a number of councillors expressing misgivings.

The motion, put forward by councillor Mannix Flynn at the South East Area meeting, was criticised by a number of members, who felt there must be a better way to honour the former SDLP politician who represented Derry.

Mr Hume, now 81, played a vital role in the Northern Ireland peace process.


Mr Flynn is hoping to have Hume Street on Dublin's southside renamed John Hume Street.

The street is currently named after the family of surgeon Sir Gustavus Hume.

Mr Flynn told the Herald the proposal has the blessing of Mr Hume's wife, Pat.

"He is deeply honoured and we all appreciate your thoughtfulness," she said in a letter.

Mr Hume is suffering from dementia.

Mr Flynn insisted that it was time to start acknowledging the people "that stood for peace".

He added that Mr Hume was fundamental in securing this for the North.

"It's important to remember the people at the heart of the Belfast Agreement," said Mr Flynn.

"It would be very nice to honour him while he is alive."

However, a number of local representatives for the South East area said that while they are in favour of honouring Mr Hume, they do not feel that renaming a street would not be the most appropriate way to do so.

Green Party councillor Claire Byrne said: "He deserves something bigger than just a simple street name change."

Labour councillor Dermot Lacey called for something "more substantial and meaningful".

He added that he hoped the street name idea will kick-start a move for some more fitting tribute to be proposed.