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Councillor in tears over cruel bullying campaign

A councillor has revealed how he was "reduced to tears" by a vicious bullying campaign which made claims he was involved in 'swinging'.

Independent Killarney councillor Niall 'Botty' O'Callaghan says if he were a weaker man he would have "ended up in a lake" by now.

Mr O'Callaghan (44) learnt he was the subject of the cruel text messages when he was contacted by a friend who showed him one of the offensive texts.

He has already reported it to gardai and sought legal advice.

He said his name was on an adult internet site for a few days before he became aware of it, claiming that he had been involved in sexual acts with both men and women.


A posting on the website FabSwinger.com named the councillor, claiming he was involved in sexual activity with others in the Failte Hotel in Killarney that is owned by his family.

He said he hadn't slept properly since he became aware of it but gardai are involved now and had contacted Interpol to find the source.

"I just can't understand how someone can put your name up on an internet site and blacken you to high heaven," Mr O'Callaghan said.

"I'm absolutely devastated. I've got a wife and two children [12 and 14], I've a mother and two brothers who are going through their own health issues and here I am dealing with this absolute and utter crap.

"I was reduced to tears yesterday and I could have done anything. If I were a weaker person I'd be in the lake by now. I'm stressed out from it and I can understand how people get really stressed out by internet bullying and something has to be done."

Mr O'Callaghan said he was determined to get to the bottom of who was spreading the rumours by text.


He said he had no problem with anyone "having a go" at him to his face, but this was a new low.

"But when you have mindless people who think this is good fun and want to ruin my life or my relationship, which won't happen because my wife knows me."