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Council tells brothers who live in caravan to move on

A CARAVAN parked in Ringsend is all that stands between two Dublin brothers and homelessness.

But now they have been informed that the must move from the spot where they have been parked, and are worried that they have nowhere to go.

Dubliner David Campion (26), who works in a supermarket, says he cannot afford to rent privately. His younger brother Douglas (21) has also been staying with him in the caravan.


David had been staying with friends, but for around the last three weeks he had parked at South Bank Road in the mobile home - however, he said he was informed by the council he must move on..

"I don't know what to do to be honest with you," he said, explaining he can't afford to rent privately at the moment.

Mr Campion, who is originally from Rialto, looked after his father who died from cancer.

However, following his dad's death, he subsequently found himself with nowhere to live.

"It's very difficult situation," said the father-of-one. "Where we are is a quiet area, not in anyone's way."

Dublin City Council does not comment on individual cases.

However, a spokesman said in relation to the South Bank Road that: "A number of caravans had parked there illegally, but all have been requested to move and have done so.

"Anyone concerned about homelessness is advised to contact the Central Placement Service (CPS), Dublin City Council Homeless Services as soon as possible, to be assessed in terms of eligibility for placement on the housing list and also to access emergency accommodation.

This CPS is available during working hours and an out-of-hours accommodation placement service is also available by calling Freephone 1800 707 707.

"Accessing homeless services will not impact on a persons employment," the spokesman added.