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Council row over 'political' move of Molly Malone

IN Dublin's fair city council, the iconic statue of Molly Malone is stirring up controversy.

Fine Gael and Labour have denied blocking the relocation of the statue to Moore Street over fears it would have been seen as a victory for Fianna Fail.

The figure is due to be moved from its position on Grafton Street for the installation of the Luas Cross City line.Fianna Fail councillor Mary Fitzpatrick had called for it to be shifted to Moore Street in the meantime.


But her bid was yesterday ruled out by Fine Gael's Gerry Breen and Labour's Padraig McLoughlin at a meeting of the council's public art advisory group.

"Their blocking of it is politically motivated," Ms Fitzpatrick told the Herald. "You have €14m being spent on the upgrade of Grafton Street and (relocating the statue) is cost-neutral, but it has been blocked. That's very disappointing."

But Mr McLoughlin said Dublin 1 shouldn't have to settle for a "second-hand" sculpture from Grafton Street. And he described as "laughable" the the political motivation claim.

Ms Fitzpatrick, who submitted a council motion, and Independent councillor Nial Ring wanted Molly Malone moved to her "spiritual home".