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Council outlaws animal circuses

CIRCUSES that use live animals have been banned from performing on publicly-owned lands in Galway city after a vote by councillors. The motion was passed with overwhelming support.

The decision will mean that circuses that use live animals will not be granted a licence to perform on any lands owned or operated by the city authority.

However, they will still be able to apply for and receive licences to perform on private grounds in the city environs.

Local councillor Pearce Flannery, who tabled the motion, said he hoped the decision would lead to private landowners also banning animal circuses.

3 millionth Mini is produced

Two major milestones have been reached by the Mini car.

Since BMW took over the brand in 2001, three million Minis have been produced at the plant in Oxford and the company has also reached the two million mark in Minis for export.

The three millionth Mini is a five-door Hatch Cooper S and has a special exterior design to celebrate its heritage and British roots.

'Friday feeling' starts at 2.56pm

WORKERS are most likely to smile at precisely 2.56pm on a Friday, a survey has found.

According to oral care brand hello, a study of 2,000 people in England and Wales found they are most likely to get the Friday feeling at exactly that time as the traditional working week winds down.

The time most likely to smile was worked out by generating an average based on answer options. The research also suggested 27 is the "happiest age".

Prisoners have plenty of books

Prisoners in England have better access to libraries and books than the public, a Tory MP has claimed.

Philip Davies told the Commons he had learned that inmates at Leeds Prison had an average of 10.5 books each, while those at Wakefield had 16.9.

He claimed this compared with "about one book per person" for people living in his Shipley constituency.