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Council is urged to show the Dubs' drive for five on big screen in Smithfield


Wet weather in 2016 kept the crowds away from Smithfield

Wet weather in 2016 kept the crowds away from Smithfield

Wet weather in 2016 kept the crowds away from Smithfield

Dublin City Council is being urged to show the Dubs' drive for five on a big screen in Smithfield Plaza.

It is understood the idea is under consideration, but no details have yet been released.

A spokesperson for the council told the Herald yesterday: "We are unable to confirm any plans at this point."

A big screen was in place for the 2015 and 2016 finals, but poor weather kept big crowds away.


Some supporters would like to see the outdoor screening brought back this year on Sunday week, September 1, for the men's All-Ireland football final between Dublin and Kerry.

Independent councillor Mannix Flynn said: "I think it's important the council actually do that and that they prepare for that. People in the city want to see the match.

"Not everybody wants to be in a pub atmosphere, they want to be in an atmosphere where it's family friendly.

"We have these plazas like Smithfield, and here's a great opportunity to have a great day out, win lose or draw, and for everybody, including people from Kerry.

"It would be very appropriate to do that.

"It's going to be a spectacular match in a very unique situation. The fact is it's a one-off situation here, potentially history in the making.

Mr Flynn said he would like the council to make a quick decision in relation to screening the event in Smithfield.

"A lot of people can't get into Croke Park, or the Mansion House, and even people who have very little interest in the GAA want to be part of this and the celebrations. That's what people are saying to me.

"You're going to have a vast amount of Kerry people who don't have a ticket, who want to be in the atmosphere in the city for this event. The council should be announcing this and inviting everybody."


It comes as Dubs fans all over the city are waiting to see if they will get their hands on a coveted ticket for the match.

With demand vastly outstripping supply, many clubs are doing draws after their club members entered raffles to get their hands on a ticket.

Meanwhile, the Herald can reveal the city council's meeting has been changed to an earlier time on Monday, September 2, the day after the match, which could facilitate a potential civic event.

The meeting is now scheduled for 1pm instead of 6.15pm.