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Council is blamed as 13 treated over water

A LOCAL authority has been urged to rectify the water problems that have left 13 people needing treatment and more than 10,000 more forced to boil their water.

Roscommon has been hit with several outbreaks of cryptosporidium in the water over the past few years with the last outbreak occurring last month.

An investigation into the source of the pollution in the Boyle and Ardcarne area is continuing.

A spokesperson for the HSE West confirmed that it had been notified of 13 cases of stomach-related illnesses as a result of cryptosporidiosis in Boyle and Roscommon. All 13 are now recovering.

Jane Sufflin, Deputy Mayor of Boyle, blamed "council incompetence" for the problem.

"The problem was supposed to be rectified but they just plaster over it. At least twice a year we get a notice to boil water yet again," she said.

Ms Sufflin said the constant warnings were having an adverse effect on businesses around the town and county.

"It's having an awful effect on businesses in the town who serve food or drink. The financial burden is excessive. They are being forced to buy in huge amounts of water," she said.

Roscommon County Council said it had identified the particular type of cryptosporidium as 'Parvum', which is animal-related.