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Council in crackdown call over taxi horns

DUBLIN city councillors have called on gardai to crack down on taxi drivers honking their horns late at night.

Under existing road traffic legislation, the use of a car horn at night is an offence except in the case of a traffic emergency.

But councillors say the law is not being enforced and taxis in particular are causing an "unacceptable" disturbance on city centre streets.

The council's transport committee has now written to gardai requesting the legislation be applied. It has also asked officials at the Department of Transport, to update the laws to make it a penalty point offence.

At around 2am or 3am, there is "extensive use of car horns" and it is "unacceptable",


He said the issue was brought to the attention of the local authority by residents.

But taxi representative David McGuinness said problem with imposing penalty points is that it can have a "catastrophic" effect on taxi families.

In a letter from the National Transport Authority (NTA) to the council, Hugh Creegan said it would "not be appropriate" to include the offence in the 'demerits' system of penalty points as it is "already an offence under road traffic legislation".

Referring to problems at the city's taxi ranks, Jim Waldron of the National Private Hire & Taxi Association said that proper enforcement by gardai would ensure cabbies wouldn't have to wait "20 minutes in a spot waiting to get by".