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Council 'can't ditch unused phone boxes'


 UNHAPPY: TD Sean Kenny

UNHAPPY: TD Sean Kenny

UNHAPPY: TD Sean Kenny

DUBLIN City Council is being urged to remove the 100 redundant Smart Telecom phone boxes around the city.

They have been out of use for more than five years, and many of the kiosks have been vandalised.

Labour TD Sean Kenny told the Herald that he is "not happy" with Dublin City Council's response to the concerns.

"They are cluttering up the streets and look unsightly," Mr Kenny said.

"Having a phone box on every street is no longer necessary. A seven or eight foot kiosk on a public footpath that is not in use is not necessary."

Mr Kenny said he had received a number of complaints over the disused phone boxes, particularly in Dublin's suburban villages who claimed they are being denied Tidy Town status as a result of these 'eyesores'.


"It is particularly unfair as people work very hard to keep their communities in good order," he added.

Dublin City Council said it does not have the power to remove the Smart Telecom phone kiosks and boxes as they are not under the council's control and are now the property on the company iPoint.

According to a spokesperson for iPoint, which assumed ownership of the phone boxes and kiosks which are no longer operating last year, the company plans to bring them back into 'productive use' as part of a free WiFi network.

"iPoint are engaged with Dublin City Council on an ongoing basis with a view to re-purposing these facilities," they added.

However, Mr Kenny believes the process is taking too long.

"They took them over quite a long time ago now and these plans haven't come into effect yet," he said.