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Council bans circuses with wild animals

SOUTH Dublin County Council has passed a motion banning circuses that use wild animals from performing on public land in its area.

Councillors voted in favour of the measure, which will see the local authority refuse licences to offending circuses.

The implementation of the decision will be passed on to the council's relevant department.

The motion was tabled by the Mayor Cllr Dermot Looney at South Dublin County Council's monthly meeting.

It stated that "this council, in the interests of animal welfare, will not grant licences or other permissions to circuses featuring wild animals or wild animal species".

"We have moved beyond the Victoria era, when some animals were considered as exotic and you would not have been able to view them anywhere else," Mr Looney said.

He added he had been sent pictures of elephants, tigers and other animals that had been subjected to "very questionable conditions that detract from their majesty as creatures".


Cllr Eamonn Walsh (FF), who opposed the motion, said he was concerned about animal welfare, but added the term "animal rights" was a very loaded one.

The logic of this term was that any animal captivity was wrong and that zoos too should be banned, he argued.